Celebrations Matter, Even If You’re A Grinch

Grinch overlook


It started with a spark, an idea, a hunch,

“I suppose Whoville is busy today,

Being such a joyous bunch”

The Grinch wandered outside to see what he could see,

“No doubt an Easter celebration,

Another party – without ME”

He peered down on the village expecting a scene,

But what he saw – or didn’t see,

Made his fur show ripples of green,

No Easter parade, no eggs being hid,

He sat back and wondered,

“Was it something I did?”

He looked down and noticed a solitary egg,

just sitting there unopened,

against his green hairy leg,

He opened it slowly, not knowing what to think,

Inside was a message,

Written brightly in pink,

It was attached to a mask, to cover his face,

He lifted it up,

As his heart began to race,

It fluttered and flapped because it was so windy,

But in between flips,

He saw a note, from Cindy,

“Please wear this for now, to stay safe”

she said,

“Keep your distance and stay healthy, it’s important”

he read,

With a tear in his eye and warmth in his heart,

He made a pledge to himself and Whoville,

To remain safe – and do his part…


Happy Easter

Stay Safe

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