Writing Yourself Out Of That Funk That You’re In


man in white shirt sitting on chair

Having trouble are you?

Writing trouble that is. Are you finding it harder to focus and complete your writing projects or word count goals while amassed in this home quarantine and social distancing clusterf*#k?

You’re not alone, as this topic seems to be the focus among all the writers and writers groups nowadays. I’m no different myself. While my paying writing jobs have been put on hold, I find myself with a lot of extra time to write for my personal projects, and yet, I’ve yet to make significant progress when it comes to goals.

The focus just – isn’t – there.

But it’s getting there, and I think there’s a way for you to get there to, and it comes down to writing about your current situation. Your feelings, your fears, your worries and your plans, both right now and for the future.

Now, I’m not recommending that you launch a public blog or YouTube series. I mean, you can if you want to, but this stuff can be pretty personal. And just like our personal goals and dreams, whether writing them out in a journal or diary or simp[ly scratching them down on a yellow legal pad, getting them down in a physical way makes them more real and easier to get a handle on. 

Writing them out can help you see what is really important and on what you may be spending too much of your emotional well-being. It will help you prioritize, and most of all, it will purge all of the clutter out of your head and onto that page in front of you, clearing your mind (and hopefully your calendar) for some pleasurable, creative writing for yourself. And you know what happens when you start writing regularly again? The creative part of your brain starts engaging again.

It certainly helped me with this post because I’ve been clanging this idea around in my head for a couple of weeks, unable to focus on the opportunity that lay in front of me, the additional unscheduled time that I will never get back.

Anxiety subsides when you have appropriate information and resources for planning. Just like plotting or outlining that short story or novel, things get easier by seeing a path forward, controlling what you are able to control, and forming a concrete plan for the what-ifs.

This is your time to take control and write all those things you wanted to write but never had the time. Use it wisely, and we’ll all come through this as stronger, more disciplined writers.

One word at a time.

Stay safe – Stay sane.

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