Well, That’s The Trick Now, Isn’t It?


Yeah, those words, or those right words I should say. The words that you read and give you the same emotional response that the writer felt while writing them. The words that writers fret over, change, and then change back again.

The experts tell us to write to the senses, all of them. Taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound. And that’s a great place to start. If we, as writers, can get you to experience our words on these levels, we’ve created a world for you that you will get lost in, believe in, and want to come back to.

Writing to the senses is also a way to bust out of that creative funk you’ve been in. I hate the term “writer’s block”. Pick your current setting, a random picture or person, or a simple event in your day. Start writing, using the senses as your guide to transfer your thoughts and emotions onto the page. What do you see, taste, and smell? What do you feel? What do you hear? Background noises, conversations, people’s actions, all of these and more contribute to a scene and convey the same feeling to the reader as the feeling that you experience in real time. Don’t forget the small, seemingly unimportant details. They make your writing real. Remember, if you notice something, you want your reader to notice it as well. Everytime.

And if we, as writers, can do this on  regular basis and make it a habit, then maybe, just maybe, we can claim to have a sixth sense, all our own.

But now I must get back to my own work, paper and pen cluttered desk and all, to continue my own word search whilst coping with the dissipating smell of my microwaved fish, seemingly a perfect fit for this cloudy, overcast day.  The hockey broadcast on the radio is used for background noise, if nothing else, and the sip of occasional coffee causes me to shudder, reminding me of how many times I have already reheated that same cup, and if I should do it yet another time.

Given my progress so far on this day, I probably will.



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