Here’s The Latest: The 2024 St Louis Writers Guild Anthology

A showcase of SLWG Members!
Thirty-two short stories, poems, essays, flash-fiction, and more in an anthology written and published by St. Louis Writers Guild Members, including my thriller short story, The Waterman of Sevier County. If you enjoy the pieces in the book, please consider reading more of their work.

Members included in the anthology.
Terry Allen, Fedora Amis, Bill Brizzard, Kathy L. Brown, Evelyn Buretta, Pierre Casey, Brad R. Cook, Gerald L Dlubala, Elizabeth Donald, Susan Glassman, Lisa Parker Hayreh, Virginia Renz Higgins, Diane M. How, Chrissy Kanne, Jan Kraus, Debbie Manber Kupfer, Robert Lay, Wanda Lovan, Larry Lovan, David Margolis, J.L. Mathews, Melissa Crockett Meske, Cynthia Ann Miller, Cherie L Postill, Ed Protzel, Linda Russell, Glenn Sartori, Laura Stewart Schmidt, Richard Stimac, Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, Kathy Van Voorhees, Amy M. Zlatic

St. Louis Writers Guild is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to further Missouri’s literary heritage and connect, support, and promote writers and literary organizations in the community.


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Gerald L Dlubala

Gerald is an award-winning, internationally published writer in fiction, non-fiction, short stories, blogs, multi-layered business content, craft beverages and wine, and wood-fired recipes. He’s been published in The 100th Anniversary of The St Louis Writers Guild Members Anthology, Chicken Soup For The Soul – Stay Positive,, St. Louis Parent Magazine, St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis Suburban Journals, High Performance Human/Achieve Magazine, St. Louis Commercial Journal, and St. Louis CEO Magazine. He is also a photographic contributor to Rollin’ On The River, The Story Of The S.S. Admiral In St. Louis. He has a personal “ghostly” experience published in Spirits of St Louis, Missouri Ghost Stories. His latest suspense-filled piece, The Waterman of Sevier County, is included in The 2024 St Louis Writers Guild Members Anthology, available on Amazon.

He currently serves as a Staff Writer for Bricker Publishing, penning features for both The Grapevine Magazine and Beverage Master Magazine. He previously provided blogs, listicles, and slideshows for A_Z Animals by Flywheel Publishing and all content for The Park and Facilities Catalog and Gerald was selected as a recipe tester and consultant for Steven Raichlen’s book How To Grill Vegetables. In addition, Gerald owns and maintains, a grilling and storytelling site.

What I’m Currently Reading

The Clinic, by Cate Quinn